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Throat issues like infections, vocal cord injuries, and polyps can affect your voice as well as make it hard to swallow. If you're struggling to talk or eat because of throat issues, ENT and Allergy Specialists of Western PA can help. Its skilled otolaryngologists treat the full breadth of ENT (ear, nose, and throat) and head and neck conditions, from routine tonsil problems to throat cancer. To get relief from your throat issues, call the practice's office in Sewickley, Beaver/Vanport Township, Seven Fields, or Ohio Valley in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, today or schedule a consultation online.

Throat Issues Q & A

What kinds of throat issues are common?

Numerous throat issues could potentially affect you. Some of the most common are:

Tonsil disorders

Tonsils are lumps of tissue in the back of your throat that form part of your body's immune system. By design, they trap harmful microorganisms like bacteria before they enter your body, but are prone to infection themselves, resulting in swelling and frequent tonsillitis.


Throat cancers are not uncommon, and as the tumor grows, it could affect your ability to talk and swallow.

Voice problems

Vocal cord injuries from overuse or smoking can lead to throat issues like soreness and hoarseness. Small growths like nodules and polyps may develop with chronic overuse.

Swallowing disorders

Swallowing disorders can be due to a problem with your esophagus. For example, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and Barrett's esophagus can cause swallowing difficulties (dysphagia). Another cause of swallowing disorders is neurological conditions, such as Parkinson's disease, dementia, and brain or spinal cord injuries.

Excessive throat clearing

If you find you're always clearing your throat, it could be due to laryngopharyngeal reflux (which is similar to GERD) or postnasal drip.

Infections frequently cause common throat issues such as pharyngitis and laryngitis.

How are throat issues diagnosed?

After performing a physical exam and reviewing your symptoms and history, the ENT and Allergy Specialists of Western PA team might want you to undergo further diagnostic tests. These could include:

Fiberoptic laryngoscopy

Fiberoptic laryngoscopy is where your physician puts an endoscope (a tiny camera on a flexible tube) down your throat. The endoscope sends back highly detailed images of your throat to a screen in the treatment room.


Videostroboscopy involves your doctor using synchronized light flashes to see the vibrations in your vocal folds when you produce sounds in your throat.

What treatment might throat issues require?

The treatment you require for your throat issues varies according to the cause, so it's vital to get an accurate diagnosis. Examples of potential treatments include antibiotics for a bacterial infection or lifestyle changes and medications such as proton-pump inhibitors and H2 blockers for GERD.

The ENT and Allergy Specialists of Western PA team can perform tonsillectomies when necessary and surgery to remove nodules or polyps. Swallowing therapy can help if you're struggling with dysphagia.

To be sure of the right diagnosis and the best possible treatment for your throat issues, call  ENT and Allergy Specialists of Western PA or book an appointment online today.